The Silver District

Often called the “Middle” district of Fallreach, no one really knows how the Silver District adopted its common name. Most assume that it is called such for its markets and its relative wealth. It is significantly more affluent than the Undercity beneath it, though it pales in comparison to the gold and jewels of the Elven Gardens and Darian’s Keep. Still others’ hypothesize that the name came from the legion of armored guards that serve in the Silver District and train in the barracks located along its outer wall.

Somewhere between 20 and 25% of Fallreach’s population lives in the Silver District. A mix of all races can be found in this district, though the large majority of its inhabitants are humans and elves.

The Silver District is bustling with trade and industry. Most people able to secure land in the Silver District are tradesmen or merchants. If you need a blacksmith, tailor, cobbler, cartographer, or any such skilled labor, you need look no further than the Silver District of Fallreach.

Other Locations of Interest:

Our adventurers discovered a number of unique and interesting locations in the Silver District during their brief stay . . .

The Barracks

The Barracks can be found on the outer, northern edge of the Silver District. It is quite large, and can house over 200 guards at any given time (though many of the guards without families take residence within the walls of the city and its numerous watch towers). Next to the main garrison is a large training grounds and arena where soldiers can often be seen training.

Beneath the main garrison is a large alchemical laboratory operated by Rexan. This laboratory was the site of countless experiments and abominations, primarily on the innocent lives of prisoners and those people despised by Darian’s regime. Rexan was also experimenting on the creation of Warforged using some sort of mixture of necromancy, alchemy, and other dark magic.


The Mage’s Guild

The Mage’s Guild in Fallreach is a hub for all things related to arcane magic. Many wizards take permanent residence in the Mage’s Guild and have devoted their lives to study the magical arts. The Guild also attracts local sorcerers (and the occasional warlock) who are interested in honing their skills, though they are often looked down upon by the more scholarly wizards.

The Great Oak Tree

A very large oak tree stands on the edge of The Silver District, its lowest branches far above the highest rooftops of the surrounding buildings. There is a small lean-to nestled near the base of the giant oak. It is weathered and old, made of hide, and the door typically remains shut.

Inside the hut dwells a old man with a withered face and soft, grey eyes. He is Rapha, the last remaining druid of his kind in Fallreach. For generations the druids dwelt in a forest on this peninsula, but as the city expanded they were slowly driven out. This tree was deeply meaningful to them, and Rapha—perhaps because of his old age, or maybe due to the loss of his family—chose to stay behind. For many years he was seen as a wise holy man, a healer to the locals and their children. Over time, as the city changed, he was mocked and forgotten—though never hated. People often fear that which they cannot understand.

The Silver District

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