The Purge of Ellysia

The Journey to the Mountain Begins . . .

Of Manticores and Hill Giants

Leaving Fallreach. Decide that the mountain is of greater concern, leave the Paladin’s and Rexan in charge of the city.

Encounter the caravan. Something strikes as odd. A funeral caravan. Ignore.

Manticores in the sky! Run away! Kill one. Leave a warning for the caravan.

Decide to track manticores. Come across an enormous giant’s hut built into an outcropping of enormous boulders.

Thunderstorm begins. Manticores are giant’s pets/hunting animals.

Maeokh investigates his house before it goes up in flames. He sees clothing, armor, and weapons from humanoids. Look like local militia and villagers.

One by one snipe manticores. Giant runs out. Attack it from all sides. Grabs Absolom, who swipes it with his great sword and it dies.

They return to the village, and find the whole town gathered in the town square. The mayor is honoring the man from the caravan, who holds a manticore head in his hands, and paying him a hefty reward.



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