The Purge of Ellysia

The Fall of the King

An Exerpt from Maelokh's Journal

I sat there waiting with Absolom and Rexan in the cramped staircase right behind the secret door leading up from the Drow encampment to Darian’s bedroom. So much has happened in the last 24 hours. Praise Ha’Shem we made it this far! I am grateful for my companions and even for our new friend Rexan. He seems to have a genuine change of heart. Ha’Shem truly is merciful.

Suddenly we hear a crash from inside the bedroom and we hear Darian and his wife’s startled cry. We rush in and see Oakson in the room and it appears as though he entangled the door with his spell. What a clever and trusty companion! We have no time to think as both Darian and his wife begin attacking us with hidden weapons. It begins with Oakson, Absolom and I fighting against Darian and his wife, but quick as a flash Oakson suddenly summons 8 panthers to fight on our behalf. (Where was that spell this whole time? It’s almost as if he learned to cast it in the last five minutes! What I wouldn’t have given for that in… Well, no matter). I praise Ha’Shem for Oaksons resourcefulness.

It is a fairly quick fight, they are no match for us, though in a vain attempt to flee Darian ran through the hidden exit from whence we came, only to be surprised by Rexan, who quickly subdued him. I am saddened that the wife got involved. I very much would have wanted to keep her out of this. But after a while they both lie dead at our feet. We loot the room and lop off Darians head to carry with us as proof. Seems to be a tradition of ours. No matter. We toss the wife’s body off the balcony into the waters below. We’d rather her children not see that.

We have just enough rope to shimmy down the balcony onto the grounds below. I am able to shoot the rope back up over the balcony so as to not attract attention and buy us some time. A guard (right on schedule) rounds the corner and Oakson quickly casts a hold spell to keep him still and from yelling before tossing him off the ledge into the water below. I hope he survives.

We quickly make our way around the side of the keep. We head down a small path leading down the cliff face to the lake behind the keep. We hope it will lead to an escape. Before long we see a boathouse and a jetty of sorts.

We naively waltz right into a trap. You’d think my years of Ranger training would have been of some use…

We step into the boathouse and hear a familiar fiendish voice, “You’ve meddled in my plans long enough. It’s time to end this.” We whirl around to see the fiend we once knew as Rexan grinning impishly as he slams the door shut that we just came through.

My blood boils. This devil has harmed too many people for too long. A fury rises up in my bones as we launch into battle.

Blow after blow is given and taken. Our party gets beaten back again and again, yet we continue to rise and counter the attacks made by faux-Rexan. He continues with his stupid menacing grin, but as time wears on, it slowly fades and soon we all know we are fighting for our lives.

Suddenly the fiend fires a spell my way and I am jolted back and feel an oozing flow into my veins and then I black out. Next thing I know Absolom is standing over me reviving me back to life. The sight was one of the most welcoming sights of my life. I look over and see the fiend lying lifeless on the floor. A flood of relief washes over me. No more will evil be spread through this menace.

I run over and chop off his head as a wave of dejavu hits me. Weird. The group fills me in on the last moments with Rexan as he decalred with an evil laugh that there is “another”. Then he breathed his last breath. I am confident the hell fires of Ha’Shem will burn him for eternity.

But on a lighter note, we get into a boat and row around the peninsula back to the lower district of the city. Oh and narrowly miss a creature of certain doom thanks to a certain half-elf’s quick wit. Man, the party would be lost without him.

We arrive and quickly find a place of rest at a nearby inn. In the morning we adventure into the Silver District which is no problem no that we have Rexan with us. Those poor embarrassed guards.

We are almost to the mages guild when suddenly an abysmal hole opens up in front of us and a fiendish hand reaches out of it. I quickly sever the hand and we hear a yelp and the arm recoils as the hole closes.

We rush to the guild and throw open the doors to see chaos within. A similar planar portal has opened up and fiends are running all over the room as the shimmer of spells and mages chase them. Talk about a war zone. Absolom and I quickly jump into battle with the largest and most fierce looking monstrosity in sight (great minds think alike, I am starting to like this human more and more) as Oakson and Rexan call out that they are going to warn the Paladins.

After a short while, and several head counts for team AbsoloMaelokh, Oakson and Rexan return with a small army of Paladins and war forged. Brilliant. The fighting is quickly over as the fiends stand no match for the war forged.

In the rubble I remember my friend Ronold and frantically begin to search for him. Friendship is a deep thing for me and I hope that he is not harmed. My heart sinks as I see his body lying under some debris. I fish him out and check his signs. Dead. I stare blankly at him and suddenly begin to pray. Only a natural crit and a generous god (ahem Dungeon Master) can save him now, and yet I pray. As the celestial tongue flows from my mouth I suddenly see him jolt and open his eyes, gasping for breath. Praise Ha’Shem!

I quickly fill him in on what happened and tell him I believe it is time for the journey to the mountain. He solemnly understands and yet is torn by seeing his home in ruins. I hope that he will accompany us on our journey.



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