Evansdale is a small village located on the southern edge of the moderately-sized Yellow Forest. A river that runs from the forest through the village provides a livelihood to the village’s farming community, which numbers over 700 individuals. The population mostly consists of humans, but there are a number of half-elves and halflings, including some elves who have traveled from The Yellow Forest looking for a change of pace.

Evansdale is the farthest village of Fallreach, the local ruling city. However, being a three-days journey away, Evansdale is largely autonomous, operating under the rulership of Davril Grayback.

A Temple to Pelor stands at the highest point in the village. The rest of the town square is occupied by simple shops and an inn and tavern, owned and maintained by Jared Brewer.

The only major point of interest is a mysterious shrine located outside of the village. No one knows who the shrine was built for (though the local priests insist it belongs to Pelor). Travelers in the region come by to pray and meditate at the shrine, and many claim the holy site has magical healing properties.


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