Lady Catherine Lightheart

Human Paladin of Pelor from Fallreach


You enter the main sanctuary. It is dark, with light entering the room from tall windows high above the floor. At the end of the chamber is an altar in front of stained glass. Behind the altar is a pedestal containing an open book. At the foot of the pedestal is a woman with long auburn hair wearing a cloak and armor. After a few moments her whisperings cease and she stands and walks around the pedestal towards the windows. She has her back to the book, and she opens her arm towards the warm light shining through the stained glass. Her eyes are closed, and a smile crosses her lips. She hears you approach, and her eyes open.



Lady Catherine is a High Paladin of Pelor. She grew up in Fallreach and always admired the Paladins for their honor and devotion, but it was not until she had joined their order that she “truly discovered the light of Pelor.”

Though she loves Pelor and is highly devoted to the Order of Paladins, she was not afraid to criticize the increasing hypocrisy and legalism that has pervaded her faith—particularly its leaders.

Lady Catherine Lightheart

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