A wandering Kender with a bright smile and a missing ear


Jackson is Halfling Kender fro the North coast. Choosing to explore inland for the last few months, he was traveling through Hollow’s Wood when he learned about the Shrine near Evansdale.

One evening he took off from Hollow’s Wood for the shrine, only to find a band of cloaked figures had gotten their first . . .

I heard some commotion coming from behind me, in the shrine! There was this big group of people—a dozen or so—all shapes and sizes, and all wearing these dark cloaks. They was draggin’ somethin’ behind them—couldn’t see what it was. After some time they started chantin’ and singin’ and before I knew what happened there was this yell and a scream and a bright flash of green light and the whole shrine started falling apart and . . . dying . . . before my eyes! To be honest, some of the robed figures didn’t seem like they were expectin’ that to happen! After they finished chantin’ one of them—a leader, but the looks of it—said a few words (I couldn’t make ‘em out, though), and led them back into the woods where they just . . . disappeared! That way!

After aiding our group of adventurers, Jackson disappeared into the woods.




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