The Head Cleric of Pelor in Hollow's Wood


Cuthbert is the head Cleric of Pelor in Hollow’s Wood. He has faithfully led the temple there in worship and service for over three decades. He is known among the townspeople for his care for orphans, and has even adopted several of his own.

He is middle aged, though his hair has begun graying and he looks noticeably older than his years. He wears a red cloak and has been known to don armor and a mace when woodland creatures attack the town.

The PC’s first encountered Cuthbert on their investigation of the mysterious cloaked figures. They were told by his student, the Cleric of Evansdale, that he was the only one who could provide more information about the mysterious tome and symbol.

The party found Cuthbert in his temple in Hollow’s Wood. There he had built up a reputation for serving the city and caring for orphans. However, when confronted with the amulet he first denied all knowledge of the symbol, and after pressure admitted to not telling the whole truth, and then sent the party into what appeared to be a trap.

After chasing Cuthbert down outside of the city, he defended himself, claiming that he thought the party was in league with the cultists of Asmodeus and out to harm him.

If there’s anyone in all of Fallreach who can tell you what that symbol means, it’s Cuthbert!




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