Beorn Hammerfist

Beorn is the leader of the rebellion against the Graybacks


A tall human man with long dark hair, Beorn is the leader of the rebellion against Hammerfist. He is a descendent of Graydon Hammerfist, the founder of Evansdale.

Beorn was born in Evansdale, but his family was driven out at a young age. He grew up in Fallreach, and lived in the undercity. His father was a tailor, but Beorn always wanted to fight. He conscripted in the town guard as a teenager, but was horrified at the things he was commanded to do. He abandoned his post and ran away from Fallreach, with nowhere to go. He found other refugees—poor humans, but also dwarves and gnomes and even half-orcs, who had been driven away by Darian’s regime. He hates the Graybacks, and sees Evansdale as rightfully his by birthright. He doesn’t want to destroy the town, he wants to liberate it from the bloodthirsty Graybacks and give it back to the free people.



Beorn Hammerfist

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